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We are the top sales outlet in the region for the distribution of lenses made by the world leader Essilor, inventor of the Varilux progressive lens. Varilux offers you its most exclusive range – the Varilux S-Series progressive lenses – exclusively at Wellington Optique in Waterloo. Come and try out the incomparable comfort of a progressive lens entirely made to measure for you.

Varilux Center: to provide you tailor made solutions for your progressive lenses, we are a member of the Varilux Center network which stands for expertise in the progressive lenses Varilux. Our customers benefit of a personalized approach and a deep analyze of their needs, together with exclusive services.

Eyezen™ : is a young and innovative brand helping to provide eye relief and comfort to screen users in their everyday life. Eyezen™ lenses provide cutting-edge technology so that everyone can enjoy a connected life, whether they need prescription glasses or not.

Eyezen™ lenses incorpore two technologies, Eyezen™ Focus which helps adapt visual correction to the viewing distances of each digital device including very close vision and a light filtering technology which helps protect the eyes from harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens.

Eyezen™ lenses reduce eyestrain, improve the readability of small fonts, diminish glare, improve contrast and help prevent premature ageing of wearers’ eyes. The all-day-lenses designed to relax and help protect your eyes to get the most out of your screen life.

All the other big-name brands of lenses are also available.

For sportsmen and sportswomen, we are experts in the Oakley ranges of prescription sunglasses designed to allow you to pursue your favourite sport.