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Sunglasses are a true fashion accessory and take pride of place at Wellington Optique. Our sunglasses department has the most extensive stock in the region, presenting you with the leading international brands.

Every year, we update our ranges in our key collections in order to stay in step with latest trends and guide you through new choices among your favourite brands. Wellington Optique represents Ray-Ban in our province and has the honour of being the first to show you the latest new styles of the brand, as well as the entire ranges of polarised sunglasses. Chanel is particularly prominent in our shop, with the only shop-within-a-shop in the Walloon region. Brands such as Tom Ford and Cartier remain essential elements of our selection of sunglasses. Oakley is strongly represented with a whole range of sunglasses and goggles designed for sportsmen and sportswomen. All Oakley sunglasses can be adapted to your prescription.

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